Floating player

With the PRO in visibility plugin you can enable a fixed position when a player leave the screen. A player moves to the lower or upper corner of the screen when it comes to invisible.

By default, the player will switch to the fix mode if

  • while scrolling less than 30% visibility
  • player was launched on desktop
  • was not returned to normal mode

In the settings you can change this options and visibility percentage, position, margins and size in lock position.

Important things:

  • To return to normal mode, you must create a custom element in the player interface with the command api:unfix
  • The player should be placed on the page as a normal object without absolute positioning in CSS.
  • This plugin does not work if the player is inside the iframe.
  • On the page there can be only one player with such settings.

Demo (start playback and scroll down)

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