How to limit playback time

You can limit the duration of playback with parameters start, end and remove

   var player = new Playerjs({id:"player", file:"video.mp4", start:10, end:120, remove:"33-35,123-141"});

The player will start playing from the 10 second and finish in the second minute (120 seconds). From 33 to 35 and from 123 to 141 seconds, playback will be skipped by rewinding (from version 9.53).

The delete command complements the start command and removes the ability to rewind to the specified second (works from version 11.7).

The end command can specify negative values from version 18.2 and the player will cut off playback from the end. end:-1 will cut off one second.

These parameters can also be specified in the playlist. You can set the playlist's start option to continue and playback continues after switching the file.

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