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  • Lightweight integration
    The player will be created only after clicking on the poster
    stub plug
  • Clicking on the player
    How to catch all clicks on the player
  • Playlist progress
    How to track the progress of the entire playlist
  • Interface for visually impaired
    Support of the screen readers for blind and visually impaired people
  • Outside subtitles
    How to display subtitles outside the player
  • Enlarged buttons on full screen
    How to scale the interface in full screen mode
    fullscreen enlarge interface scale zoom
  • Round progress bar
    How to set up a round shaped timeline in the player
  • Video 360°
    How to show spherical video in the player
    immersive spherical 360 virtual
  • End credits skip button
    How to show an element a few seconds before the end of playback
    next text show until warning
  • Disabling rewind
    How to disable timeline rewind in the player
  • Player in a view area
    How to create a player only in a view area
  • Loop
    How to loop a playback
    replay repeat
  • Custom buffering icon
    How to display custom text or graphic instead of buffering icon
  • Playing a specific playlist file
    How to specify the desired playlist file in the link of the page
    hash playlist starting file
  • Remove all buttons
    How to remove all player buttons
    hide disable
  • Color variables
    How to easily change the color of player elements without builder
    css change skin
  • External elements
    How to show external elements
    outside external show elements
  • Credits skip button
    How to make a credits skip button
    titles captions skip
  • Video color options
    How to change video contrast, brightness and saturation in the player
    color correction contrast brightness saturation sepia
  • Vertical video
    How to build a player for vertical video
    hotkeys gestures swiping
  • Player stretch button
    How to change the size of the player with your button
    theatre cinema size expand wide
  • Playback section
    How to create a playback segment for repetition
    training cut loop
  • Element visibility
    How to hide player elements depending on the situation
    hide buttons elements
  • Reboot on freezes
    How to restart the player when it freezes or a playback error occurs
    reload freez
  • Content restriction by domain
    How to protect the player by domain
    allow deny domain protection verification block limit ban permission
  • ID3 tags
    How to read MP3 metadata (ID3 tags)
    id3 mp3 tags
  • Custom labels
    How to show custom labels in the player
    text elements label messages annotation variables
  • Playlist generator on PHP
    Script for automatic generation of playlists by folders
  • Advanced tips
    How to do complex tooltip formatting
  • Age limit
    How to make markings and set up an age test
    access age test mark customtext rating
  • React.js
    Example of the player integration in React.js
  • DASH
    How to play mpd streams
    drm widevine clearkey
  • Playlist auto switch
    How to set up automatic playlist playback
    autonext autoplay next
  • Dynamic links
    How to dynamically set sources for playback
  • Vue.js
    Example of player integrating for Vue.js
    vue3 nuxt
  • Playback tracking
    How to track playback time via the API
  • Ad blocking bypass
    How to replace an advertising link on the fly in case of blocking
  • Combined settings menu
    How to combine settings in one window
    menu settings options window speed quality
  • Custom switch
    How to make your own switch of any setting
    settings switch slider
  • Replacing video and audio tags
    How to install the player instead of the standard video and audio tags
    install video tags
  • Promo videos
    How to show intro video
    promo intro outro preroll
  • Right-click menu
    How to configure the context right-click menu
    right click context menu
  • Comparison of players
    How to compare the settings of two players
  • Hotkey icons
    How to enable icons for keyboard shortcuts
    hotkey icons press shortcuts
  • Quizzes and polls
    How to set up custom survey in the player
    quiz survey poll
  • Regional restrictions
    How to set up regional restrictions using geolocation
    geolocation targeting country region
  • Ads geotargeting
    How to use advertising geotargeting
    geolocation targeting country region
  • Custom picture in case of an error
    How to display a special video or image in case of a playback error
  • Live countdown
    How to set up a countdown to the start of a live broadcast
    countdown timer live broadcast
  • Swipe rewind
    How to enable swipe rewind
    swipe seek
  • Variables in advertising links
    How to use custom placeholders in advertising links
    vars replace random
  • Limit ads by domain
    How to enable or disable ads on certain domains
    ads domains disable enable
  • DASH subtitles
    How to show embedded DASH subtitles
    embed subtitle dash
  • Sleep timer
    How to enable playback stop setting interface
    sleep timer
  • Skip credits interface
    How to allow users to skip the beginning
    skip timer
  • Dropdown playlist
    How to make a playlist drop down lists
    dropdown select
  • Managing ads in the player code
    How to change ads without builder
    vast advertising
  • Toolbar under the video
    How to place the control panel under the video
    toolbar under screen
  • Player interface localization
    How to change player interface language
    localization language spanish french czech polish german
  • Advertising timeouts
    How to set timeouts for loading and displaying ads
  • Video scale
    How to customize the video zoom buttons in the player
    scale zoom
  • How to rename quality options
    Custom names of quality options HLS & DASH
    ultra full 1080 720 hls dash
  • Custom XML VAST
    How to build your VAST advertising XML code
    custom vast wrapper ads xml
  • Watermarks
    How to show transparent characters to protect content
  • AdBlock check
    How to determine if ads are blocking
    adblock vast
  • Responsive playlist size
    How to stretch an audio player to fit a playlist
    audio playlist height
  • Subtitle translation
    How to split the subtitles into words to translation
    subtitle translate words
  • Cloud hosting for video players
    How to use the player without hosting its file.
    cloud storage hosting iframe wix tilda
  • HLS subtitles
    How to show embedded HLS subtitles and captions
    embed subtitle captions closed
  • Fullscreen in landscape orientation
    Automatic fullscreen in landscape orientation
  • Title template
    How to format a title using templates
  • Floating player
    How to fix the player when scrolling
    fixed scrolling fly mini stick
  • Parallel subtitles
    How to show multiple subtitles at once
  • Remove ads for short content
    How to avoid advertising for short videos
  • Effects
    How to adjust video effects (blur, monochrome, etc.)
    effects snow blur grayscale
  • Fonts
    How to manage fonts in the player and use Google Fonts
    google custom fonts
  • Advertising breaks
    How to set pauses between ad impressions
  • Custom quality switch buttons
    How to make a separate HD or HQ button to switch quality
    quality button
  • Formatting playlists
    How to customize playlist view with pictures
    format playlist thumbnails
  • Playlist memorization
    How to remember the played files in the playlist
    playlist memory
  • Pause button
    How to show the pause button in the center of the player on hover
    elements pause
  • Ad queue logic
    How the advertising queue works
    waterfall ads vast
  • Debug mode
    How to view player logs in browser console
    logs debug console error mobile ios android inspect
  • Copying player design
    How to copy the design of one player to another
    copy design
  • Sound channels
    How to separate the left and right channel in the player
    channels plugin
  • Marking up content
    What are the ways to mark up content inside the player
    markup timestamp points events timeline chapters
  • AirPlay
    How to set up AirPlay support
  • Outside content markup
    How to make a table of contents by time points
  • DVR
    How to show DVR live broadcasts
  • HLS
    How to play m3u8 streams
    hls aes p2p program drm hls.js
  • Chromecast
    How to set up Chromecast support in the player
    chromecast plugins google
  • RTMP playback
    HTML5 players cannot play RTMP streams
  • Outside playlist
    How to move the playlist in the outer container
    playlist throw plugin
  • Download button
    How to add a download button
    download integration
  • Dynamic interface
    How to change interface on different player size
    clone copie duplicate resize interface elements
  • Fly player
    Floating picture-in-picture mode for Webkit browsers
    pip picture chrome collapse fix floating
  • Protecting content with link variables
    How to use your variables in content links
  • Getting started
    How to create your first player in the builder
  • Player copy
    How to copy your player to another account
    copy player other account
  • Playback speed
    How to set playback speed selection
  • Transparent background
    How to set transparent player background
    transparent pro
  • Radio
    How to show info from radio metadata
    radio tags metadata audio
  • Play on hover
    How to launch the player on hover
    playback hover
  • Background video
    How to use the player as a page background
    background video cover stretch scale
  • Custom background for the toolbar
    How to clone your bitmap image
    background toolbar
  • Playing Vimeo
    How to show the video of a popular video hosting
  • Elements positions
    How to place an interface element in the right place
    margins elements position
  • Access password
    How to set a password to access to the player content
    password access
  • How to limit playback time
    The player can cut off part of the content anywhere on the timeline
    playback starting finish duration limit remove end start continue
  • Custom ID for elements
    How to assign an ID to any button to control from outside
    dom pro logo css
  • Second stream
    How to play two video/audio streams simultaneously in one player
    pip soundtrack
  • Remember time
    How to remember playback time for returning users
    memorize time remember memory continue
  • YouTube playback
    How to show the video of the most popular video hosting
    youtube quality codecs integration
  • How to track the visibility of the player
    The player can monitor its visibility on the page
    visibility api
  • Hotkeys and gestures
    Keyboard shortcuts and gesture settings for touchscreens
    hotkeys rewind seek volume scale full shortcuts
  • Native controls
    The player can show browser media control bar
    native controls playback iphone
  • Muted autoplay
    Browsers prohibit autoplay player with sound
    muted autoplay playback
  • Mid-rolls
    How to set up the display of advertising mid-rolls
  • Playback errors
    How to find the reason if the player does not work
    error request playback not found network decode dont
  • The limits of advertising
    How to set the right amount of ads
    vast limits
  • Volume
    How to control sound volume
    volume sound amplify
  • Text labels
    How to show your text labels in the player
    label text code
  • Dropdown list of settings
    How to make a separate dropdown list of any setting
    select quality drop subtitles
  • Ad skip button
    How to set the timing of the ad skip button
    skip ads
  • Settings window
    How the choice of quality, subtitles, etc. is displayed
    settings menu quality
  • Shuffle
    How to set random play in a playlist
    random shuffle
  • Player on HTTPS domains
    How content is loaded on secure domains
    https ssl
  • What to do if video ads don't work
    How to find the cause of advertising problems in the browser console
  • Poster
    How to pass a poster in the player code
  • How to change the design of the player on the fly
    Dynamic way to update player design via API
    integration api design switch
  • Commands and requests JS API
    How to control the player via JavaScript and request data
    api javascript jsapi postmessage iframe
  • Privacy policy
    PlayerJS privacy policy
  • How to embed the player in an iframe
    How to integrate the player in a separate iframe page
    integration embed share
  • Fallback sources
    How to switch playback to a spare link in case of an error
    alternative balancer integration failback primary reserve backup duplicate
  • Terms of Service
    Formal contract between user and PlayerJS service
    legal license
  • Audio Tracks
    How to switch audio tracks
    audiotracks plugins
  • Combining multiple players into one
    A way to place several different players on the same page
    integration change design different
  • Thumbnails
    How to show frames of the video when hovering over the timeline
    pop-up picture frames preview plugins thumbnails php
  • Google Analytics
    How to collect statistics of various player events
    plugins ga galabels
  • Custom buttons and elements
    How to create your own buttons and labels in the player
    pro logo elements buttons
  • Search in playlist
    Searching for files in playlist via the player interface or API
  • Embed code and social sharing
    How to share the player code or link in messengers and social networks
    embed code iframe share webshare
  • Subtitles
    How to play subtitles in the player
    subtitle captioning subs vtt srt plugins
  • Screenshots
    How to take screenshots of videos using the player
    ja api api javascript screenshot snapshot
  • WordPress plugin
    How to embed the player to your WP website
    wordpress plugin
  • Cross-domain policy
    Features of loading files from different domains
    crossdomain cors integration
  • Playlists
    How to create a JSON playlist
    playlist related series plugins m3u start redirect
  • JS API events
    How to catch video player events via JavaScript
    api javascript jsapi events postmessage iframe
  • Player integration
    How to embed the player to your web site
    integration embed code async
  • Codecs support
    What video and audio codecs does the player support
    html5 codecs mp4 hls dash flac
  • Autoplay
    How to set up autoplay
    autoplay playback
  • Player size
    How to set the desired player size and adaptability
    size width height integration embed code aspect ratio
  • Quality selector
    How to set up a choice of quality options in the player
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