Playing Vimeo

To play a Vimeo video you need to enable this in the builder Modules / Vimeo

Just use URL of the video page on

var player = new Playerjs({id:"player", file:""});

In the same way you can use Vimeo videos in playlists and custom advertising, but you need to consider some of restrictions:

  • the Vimeo player that is loaded inside the PlayerJS can show its controls if the user who uploaded this video to Vimeo does not currently have a paid PRO or PLUS account. This information is near each nickname

  • The video starts muted if preload is disabled or autostart is turned on. Preload can be enabled in the builder Settings / Playback. Also the sound is muted in a mixed playlist (except Vimeo there are mp4, HLS or Youtube) and after preroll (better use pause/mid/post rolls).
  • Some videos can not be embedded on other pages if the author disallowed it.
  • Due to limitations of the Vimeo API the playback speed and quality switching does not work. These options are disabled from the settings menu.

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