Custom video ads

RestrictionsIn PRO you can use custom video ads starting before playback (prerolls) or at a given second time. Enable in the builder Plugins / Video Ads / Custom ad video

Just provide URL of the ads video file or a few separated by and

video.mp4 and video2.mp4

Additionally you can set URL for clicking and some interface elements (skip button etc.).

The module is not designed to connect ad networks (please, contact support for this).


The plugin is intended just for internal advertising (the links to the video and click must lead to the same domain where the player is located), it does not work to connect commercial advertising from advertising networks. To connect ad networks, please, contact support to enable special VAST plugin.

Limit platforms

You can limit the playback of advertising on various platforms. This works by adding a special parameter to the link in square brackets.


[no_desktop] — advertising will not work on desktop computers

[no_mobile] — advertising will not work on mobile

[no_mobiletv] — advertising will not work on mobile and tv

[no_tv] — advertising will not work on tv

[no_lg] — advertising will not work on tv LG

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