You can set the volume level in Sound / Volume settings.

The volume change is automatically stored in the browser, so the value is saved the next visit. You can turn off volume storage in Settings / Memorizing. Separately you can turn off the mute storage.

Volume on mobile

On iOS and Android by default the volume is adjusted on the device itself, so the volume control bar is automatically turned off. You change it on Android  in the settings Mobile / Show volume control on Android

How to show the volume level during a scroll

Scrolling on hovering over sound button and on fullscreen changes the volume. You can add your own element, which will show the volume level during scrolling.

Video version of this guide on YouTube

You need to add your custom element with the following settings

  1. Set Action / Command to volume scroll
  2. Leave the Text field blank
  3. Set up the position, colors and sizes at your discretion

Amplifying the sound volume

With PRO you can amplify the volume when the necessary conditions are met:

  • Video or audio content is loaded with cross-domain policy (CORS).
  • Player launch initiated by user.

In the Sound / Volume / Gain settings you can set the required ratio

Audio gain management requires cross-domain permission if content is loaded from another domain. Files may require server configuration — the header should contain Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * and the Services / Cross-domain (CORS) option is enabled in the settings. If the video plays muted, then something is wrong with the cross-domain policy (look in the browser console). For HLS and DASH streams everything is usually already set up and no manipulations are needed.
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