Playing a specific playlist file

If you use the id parameter in the playlist, so you can start the desired file with the plstart parameter or via the API.

You can also use the hash of the page address (the hash is indicated at the end of the link after the # sign) with player release 17+

How it works

Specify a unique identifier for each playlist element

file:[{title:"1", file:"URL", id:"first"},{title:"2", file:"URL", id:"second"},{title:"3", file:"URL", id:"third"}]

Now you can set the launch from the desired file by specifying the id in the hash with the prefix play-


This hash is to set the playlist to the second file.

The player must be directly inserted on the page, not loaded into an iframe (in this case, the frame link is used). Changing the hash does not change the starting file without reloading the page.

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