Use Plugins / Protection / Watermarks to display an invisible caption in a random place on the screen to protect content from being recorded. Also you need to pass the unique wid parameter in the player code for every user — that string will be displayed.

var player = new Playerjs ({id: "player", file: "URL", wid: "1537"});

By default, this caption will be displayed in a random place on the screen with a transparency of 0.1 and size 8 px after a specified time interval after the start of playback (default 5 minutes) for several seconds (default 2 seconds). Then it disappears and appears in a new place after 5 min by default if the player does not stay in pause mode. All default settings can be changed in the plugin options. Fractional digits can be used for the display interval (0.1 = 6 seconds).

On iOS in native fullscreen, watermarks will not be displayed because playback switches to the system player. You can disable native fullscreen mode for iOS if you are using watermarks. The native fullscreen on iOS cannot be disabled for YouTube or Vimeo.

This module is available in the full version of the builder PRO


The official Wordpress plugin from the version 2.9 support this watermarks. The username (login) will be displayed as a watermark automatically. Just enable the plugin in the builder and pass the parameter watermark=1 to the shortcode (see an example on the plugin page).


You can test this plugin by adding the wid_test:1 parameter to the code (wid should also be specified). In this case watermark will be displayed without transparency 5 seconds after launch.

Watermark with element

You can use another method to create a permanent location watermark. With PRO you can create a text element with a variable and pass the desired value in the code. Look there an example with watermark in the form of the current date.

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