Quizzes and polls

You can display interactive quizzes in the player with PRO. A text block with buttons will appear at the specified time.

This plugin can be enabled in the builder and configured by default.

The content is passed in the code by the quiz option in JSON format. You can use two types of elements: text and button. The display time for each element is specified separately relative to the content playback time. By default, the player stops playing when the quiz appears and blocks the control buttons.

var player = new Playerjs({"id":"player", "file":"//site.com/video.mp4", quiz:[{"time":5, "type":"text", "value":"How many chromosomes are in the human genome?"},{"time":5, "type":"button", "value":"42", "click":"js:Answer(42)"},{"time":5, "type":"button", "value":"44", "click":"js:Answer(44)"},{"time":5, "type":"button", "value":"46", "click":"js:Answer(46)"}]});

Required options

  • time — display time of the element in seconds
  • type — text or button
  • value — value (button label), you can use HTML tags here.
  • click — command for button


You can configure these options for all elements in the builder or specify them in the code if the value is unique.

  • color — text color
  • bgcolor — button background color
  • align — text align (center, left, right)
  • size — font size in %
  • font — font name
  • br — line break (0 or 1)
  • autoclose — close after the specified time (in seconds)
  • css — CSS style class (you may need use !important for basic parameters)

How to show a quiz via JavaScript

You can also run the quiz at any time using the quiz JS API command. You must pass the data object along with the command (without the time parameter, since the survey will be displayed immediately).

player.api("quiz", [{"type":"text","value":"Question"},{"type":"button","value":"Answer","click":"js:QuizAnswer(1)"}]);

A request without a parameter returns the survey activity status (false or true).


A request with the close parameter will close the quiz (it works since 14.9).


How the buttons work

The response to a button click may call your JavaScript function, for example:

"click":"js:MyFunction({time}, 1, 2, 3)"

In this example, the player will replace {time} with the current playback time. In other variables, you can specify the user ID, question number, answer number etc.

You can specify a link instead of a JS request


After clicking the button the player will execute the request and wait for a response in JSON format.

In the response you can command the player to update the quiz with the update option

{"update":[{"type":"text", "value":"Thanks!", "autoclose":5}]}

You can repeat the same quiz using the repeat parameter at a different time (in seconds)

{"close":1, "repeat":120}

You can also close the quiz


If the server responds with an error or sends something wrong — the quiz will close automatically.

Since version 11.8, you can generate your own JS API event when you click a button. In the example below, the player will send the quiz_1_2 event.


The quiz plugin is available in the extended PRO version of the builder.

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