Google Analytics

To connect Google Analytics, we recommend to create a new resource in Administrator mode.

After saving, you will receive a tracking ID that begins with the letters UA

ou can specify it in the section Plugins /  Google Analytics / Tracking ID

The player sends events, which can be found in the Behavior section of the GA dashboard.

Event Description
Init Initializing the player
Play Launching
Play 25% Played 25%
Play 50% Played 50%
Play 75% Played 75%
End Full playback to the end
Fullscreen Full screen launched
Error Playback error
AdBlock AdBlock works in browser
By default just the first two are enabled. The rest of the events can be enabled too in the builder Plugins / Google Analytics / Events

In PRO you can also collect advertising events (start, skip and click).


A free GA account is limited to 10 million hits per month per resource. If you exceed this quota try reduce the number of hits to a certain percentage in PRO. For example in the case of 10% only a tenth of the events will be sent (it works randomly). This method works only on a large number of events when the mathematical expectation tends to an average value and reduces the measurement error.

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