Replacing video and audio tags

You can integrate the player by replacing the standard video or audio tags on your page. To do this, enable the option Service / Replace the standard tags on the page in the builder.

This tags must contain at least one source with the source tag

<video poster="URL" title="Text">
   <source src="" type="video/mp4">

In this case, the player is integrated with the replace parameter with tag name and without the id parameter.

var player = new Playerjs({replace:"video"});

In this example, the player will be installed instead of all the video tags on the page.

If you want some tag not to be replaced by the player, just give it the noreplace parameter

<video noreplace>

How to use the API

You can use the JS API for this replace integration from version 16.11.6. Just specify a unique id for each video or audio tag on the page.

<video id="player1">
<video id="player2">

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