Cloud hosting for players

To place the player on your site, you have to download and copy it to your server. Cloud hosting allows you to simplify the work with a single click.

You can find Save to cloud option in the builder menu.

After saving you'll get a link to the player for including on your website in the usual way.

Embed via iframe

You can use the easiest way to integrate the player via iframe. The link to the frame will look the same, only at the end there will be html instead of js

<iframe src="//" type="text/html" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>


  • At the moment, the player is updated in the cloud only on your initiative (after clicking on the button in the builder menu).
  • The link to the player is also available with the version that needs to be added as follows /xxxxx.9.53.js - this file will be available only if the player has been saved in this version.
  • Browser cache file player, so the changes can be seen only after clearing the cache.
  • The player storage service in the cloud is free, but does not guarantee 100% uptime and is well suited for development and testing. For production we recommend to still host the player on your server.
  • The cloud player may be disabled if the copyright holder sends a complaint to us. Do not use cloud hosting of players if you are not sure about the purity of your rights to content.

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