Variables in advertising links

In tag links you can use placeholders that should be replaced at the request stage for certain data. These placeholders must be enclosed in parentheses.

(random) — random number for disabling cache

(referer) — page address where the player is running

(host) — domain where the player is running

(width) — player width

(height) — player height

(duration) — duration of the current content

(visibility) — visibility of the player

(connection) — type of Internet connection

(platform) — type of platform (web-html5, mobile or smarttv)

(adblock) — enable or disable AdBlock

(volume) — ad volume during playback

(quality) —video quality if known (from v.16.4)

(bitrate) — video bitrate HLS / DASH if known (from v.16.4)

(videowidh) — video width if known (from v.16.4)

(videoheight) — video height if known (from v.16.4)

(userid) — user id (from v.16.6)



You can specify your custom variables using the vast_replace parameter

//[var1]&v2=[var2] --> //

This data can be updated on the fly via JS API


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