Placeholders (variables) in ad links

In tag links you can use placeholders that should be replaced at the request stage for certain data. These placeholders must be enclosed in parentheses.

(random) — random number for disabling cache

(referer) — page address where the player is running

(host) — domain where the player is running

(width) — player width

(height) — player height

(duration) — duration of the current content

(visibility) — visibility of the player

(connection) — type of Internet connection

(platform) — type of platform (web-html5, mobile or smarttv)

(adblock) — enable or disable AdBlock

(volume) — ad volume during playback

(quality) —video quality if known (from v.16.4)

(bitrate) — video bitrate HLS / DASH if known (from v.16.4)

(videowidh) — video width if known (from v.16.4)

(videoheight) — video height if known (from v.16.4)

(userid) — user id (from v.16.6)



You can specify your custom variables using the vast_replace parameter

//[var1]&v2=[var2] --> //

This data can be updated on the fly via JS API


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