Download button

You can add a download button to your player.

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Using the menu

Enable the Download option for any menu listing of the Elements / Settings window

Using the custom button

In the PRO version of the builder, you can create the custom button with a download command. 

How it works

When you click on the Download option or button, the browser will open a new tab with a direct link to the file. If you play mp4 or mp3, the file will open in the browser player and the user will need to save the file via the browser menu, or press Ctrl + S (Command + S for Mac).

Immediate download can be initiated if the file is giving by the server as an application, for example application/octet-stream or binary file in a header.

You can redirect download to another file. This is especially useful in case of HLS or DASH files. You need to add the download parameter to the code and specify link to another file to be downloaded.

var player = new Playerjs({id:"player", file:"//", download:"//"});
The same parameter can be used in playlists.
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