Custom buttons and elements

In PRO you can add custom elements to the players UI like text, icon or image (for example, a logo). Use Elements / Add element button and select the required format.

For the Text, you need to add some text, for the Image link to the file or the content itself like data:URI, for SVG choose an icon from the collection, or place a SVG code. You can also load the SVG code dynamically if you specify there a JS variable like var:xxx

Video version of this guide for custom caption, image and SVG


For an element to perform an action, you must specify an Action ‒ URL, an API command, or a Javascript call. For example, open url:


↓ launch the player


↓ rewind for ten seconds


↓ call a function called MyFunction, passing it two arguments. 


↓ you can use placeholders {title}{time}{file}


↓ directly call a JS action that has parentheses (for example, returning the browser tab back)


↓ triggering JS event


You need to subscribe the container: document.getElementById("player").addEventListener("myEvent",onMyEvent);

Reverse action

For elements Text and SVG you can add reverse. Add reverse text or reverse SVG code with separator ///

You can also add reverse action

You can also choose the opposite action of the Play button from Pause to Stop (actual for broadcasts and radio)

If you give an identifier to your element in the settings, you can switch its state through the JS API. In the following example, the button with the heart identifier will switch to the opposite state after the player is initialized. This may come in handy if the button controls an external function via JS.

function PlayerjsEvents(x){

How to combine icon and text

You need to create an element of type SVG and specify its code, or select the desired icon in the library. Then you need to include a Tooltip, specify text and also enable the Show always option. With the help of margins and paddings you can place this text in the right place and stretch the background to the required length.

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