Make a unique player for your website

  • Online Builder

    Online visual designer with over 500 settings
  • Just one file

    Your player is assembled into a single .js file from the modules you choose
  • Everything you need

    HLS, DASH, YouTube, Airplay, Chromecast, 360°, VAST etc
  • Decentralized

    You can download and self-host the player (it works offline)
  • Free

    No watermarks or ads
  • Create a player
    Millions of people around the world launch players created in PlayerJS everyday
  • How does it work?
    Build your HTML5 player easily in the PlayerJS online builder, download the .js file and install it with a single line of JavaScript, iframe code or a Wordpress plugin.
  • Can I upload video or audio?
    PlayerJS is a player builder. We don’t store media content. You can create a player and then load content from your server, YouTube or Vimeo.
  • What can be played?
    You can play anything that browsers and the online industry currently support. The most common are MP4 and MP3 files, as well as HLS and DASH streams. We also have integration with YouTube and Vimeo. We support DVR, Airplay, Chromecast and Webkit PiP mode
  • Can I connect the player to Wordpress?
    Sure, you can use our official PlayerJS Wordpress plugin. It allows you to publish video or audio with a simple shortcode.
  • Are there any watermarks?
    There are no logos, ads or watermarks in the free version (we don’t plan on adding them either). We don’t control the players — they work completely autonomously and do not contain any code that could be misused in the future.
  • Can I show my advertising?
    Yes, you can display ads (VAST or VPAID). PlayerJS is used by large advertising networks, so we take into account all advertising standards.
  • What stats are available?
    You can easily enable Google Analytics event tracking. PlayerJS also has an API for independent data collection.
  • Do your players have an API?
    Yes, there is an open JS API that covers all the possible situations. You can receive all player events and send commands via JavaScript.
  • What about the paid version?
    The paid version of the builder offers a variety of additional settings that allow you to create more complex interfaces. Please note that we don't have a regular subscription in the traditional sense. You can buy access to the PRO version of the builder for the time you need to design and assemble your player. There is no need to renew access once the PlayerJS file is compiled. The player will continue to work without any restrictions. You can also use the free version for commercial projects as well.
  • Do you offer any support?
    Yes, we will be happy to help and answer any questions you have that fall within the scope of our work.
  • Choose a skin
    These ready-made skins are created in the PlayerJS builder. You can use and edit them for free



    It works great with our livestreaming platform. In combination with the many customization options it's perfect
    PlayerJS has been a game changer for us. It's such an easy to use and feature filled builder and has enabled us to grow our watch platform with advertising integrations. The pro support is one on one, super responsive and very helpful!
    George Bates
    Great player, great developers, A1 customer service, the player is so flexible, think of something and it does it. I'm impressed!
    Your product helps us to improve stability and content delivery on our XTV website. We'd tried many players before, anyway the PlayerJS is one of the first with robust solution and cost-effective soltuion.
    Lukas Vajda
    I tried the player on my customer's website ( a TV Channel). As a developer, I am totally satisfied with the features that the player has, everything that a player can have is there. The support team is responsive and helpful. My client was happy with the results. Great work!
    Feras Jobeir
    Fully recommended! Was a life changer for a couple of projects I was working on! Cheers guys!
    cool tool, I like it :D I would like if there way a to make custom player skins, you know with css. Its very cool anyway.
    To say this player has advanced features is an understatement. It's absurd that the creation of one is so easy yet it offers everything a person could ever think of.
    PlayerJs is best JS Player out there supporting diverse need for player. We would like to playback HLS video which has multiple audio track. It has support right of the box also it is very easy to customize.
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    You can create your own HTML5 player in the PlayerJS builder for your website with no-code level for free. Try to create a video or audio player using modern technologies. We offer one of the best tools for creating and customizing online players.

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