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  • DASH
  • How to set up automatic playlist playback
  • iFrame APIprotonvideo
  • How to dynamically set sources for playback
  • Example of integrating the player in Vue.js
  • How to track playback time via the API
  • Bypass ad blocking
  • How to combine settings in one windowmenu settings options window speed quality
  • How to make the settings switchsettings switch
  • How to install the player instead of the standard video and audio tagsinstall video tags
  • How to show promo videospromo intro outro preroll
  • How to configure the context right-click menuright click context menu
  • Comparison of the settings of two players
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    How to enable icons for keyboard shortcutshotkey icons press shortcuts
  • Quizzes and pollsquiz survey poll
  • How to set up regional restrictions using geolocationgeolocation targeting country region
  • How to use advertising geotargetinggeolocation targeting country region
  • How to display a special video or image in case of a playback error
  • How to set up a countdown to the start of a live broadcastcountdown timer live broadcast
  • How to enable swipe rewindswipe seek
  • Placeholders (variables) in ad linksvars replace random
  • How to enable or disable ads on certain domainsads domains disable enable
  • Embedded subtitles and captions for DASHembed subtitle dash
  • Sleep timersleep timer
  • How to allow users to skip the beginningskip timer
  • How to make a playlist drop down listsdropdown select
  • How to manage ads in the player codevast
  • How to place the control panel under the videotoolbar under screen
  • Aa
    Localizationlocalization language spanish french czech polish german
  • Advertising timeouts
  • How to scale videoscale zoom
  • Custom names of quality options HLS & DASHultra full 1080 720 hls dash
  • Watermarkswatermarks
  • How to determine if ads are blocking (AdBlock)adblock vast
  • How to stretch an audio player to fit a playlistaudio playlist height
  • How to split the subtitles into words to translationsubtitle translate words
  • Cloud hosting for playerscloud storage
  • Embedded subtitles and captions for HLSembed subtitle captions closed
  • Fullscreen in landscape orientation
  • Title template
  • How to fix the player when scrollingfixed scrolling
  • How to show multiple subtitles at oncesubtitles
  • Effectseffects
  • GF
    Google Fontsgoogle custom fonts
  • Advertising breaks
  • How to make a separate button for settings options, such as subtitleselements subtitle quality
  • HQ
    How to make a separate HD or HQ button to switch qualityquality button
  • Formatting playlistsformat playlist thumbnails
  • How to remember the played files in the playlistplaylist
  • How to add your pause button in the center of the playerelements pause
  • Adjusting gain
  • Ads waterfall logicwaterfall ads vast
  • Debug modelogs debug
  • How to copy the design of one player to anothercopy design
  • LR
    Sound channelschannels plugin
  • Markup content on the timelinemarkup
  • AirPlayairplay
  • Quality options for HLS / DASHselect hls quality
  • How to make a table of contents by time points
  • HLShls
  • Chromecastchromecast plugins google
  • RTMP playbackrtmp
  • How to move the playlist in the outer containerplaylist throw plugin
  • Example PHP script for creating thumbnailswebvtt thumbnails markup mosaic
  • How to enable Download optiondownload integration
  • How to change interface on different player sizeclone copie duplicate resize interface elements
  • Picture in picture for Safari and Chromepip picture chrome
  • HLS / DASH release versionshls dash plugin versions
  • Media URL variablesplugin
  • Getting started
  • How to copy your player to another accountcopy player other account
  • Playback speed
  • Transparent backgroundtransparent pro
  • Radio dataradio tags metadata audio
  • How to show the volume level during a scroll
  • Play on hoverplayback hover
  • Background videobackground video cover stretch
  • Custom background for the toolbarbackground toolbar
  • Playing Vimeovimeo
  • Elements positionsmargins elements position
  • How to set a password to access to the player contentpassword access
  • How to limit playback timeplayback starting finish duration limit remove end start
  • Custom ID for elementsdom pro logo
  • Second streampip
  • Memorize timememorize time
  • YouTube playbackyoutube quality codecs integration
  • How to prohibit certain quality optionsquality
  • How to track the visibility of the playervisibility api
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    Hotkeyshotkeys rewind seek volume scale full
  • How to get choice Before / After
  • Native controlsnative controls playback
  • Muted autoplaymuted autoplay playback
  • Mid-rollsmidroll
  • How to find the reason if the video does not workerror request playback not found network decode
  • The limits of advertisinglimits
  • Volumevolume sound
  • How to show settings window on hover
  • Text labelslabel text code
  • How to make a drop-up select list for settingsselect quality drop
  • Settings windowsettings menu quality
  • Shufflerandom shuffle
  • Player and SSLhttps ssl
  • How to install a preview posterposter,image,picture
  • How to change the design of the player on the flyintegration api design switch
  • Custom varsintegration api
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    Commands JS APIapi javascript jsapi postmessage iframe
  • Privacy policylegal
  • How to embed player in iframeintegration embed share
  • Fallback sourcesalternative balancer integration failback primary
  • Terms of Servicelegal
  • Audio Tracksaudiotracks plugins
  • Combining multiple players into oneintegration change design different
  • Thumbnailspop-up picture frames preview plugins thumbnails
  • Google Analyticsplugins ga
  • How to pass cookies with HLS & DASHcookies hls dash pro
  • Custom elementspro logo elements
  • Search in playlistplugins
  • Embed code and social sharingembed code iframe share
  • Subtitlessubtitle captioning subs vtt srt plugins
  • Screenshotsja api api javascript screenshot snapshot
  • WordPress Pluginwordpress plugin
  • Cross-domain policycrossdomain cors integration
  • Playlistsplaylist related series plugins m3u
  • Created with Sketch.
    Events JS APIapi javascript jsapi events postmessage iframe
  • Add a player to your websiteintegration embed code async
  • Codecs supporthtml5 codecs mp4 hls dash flac
  • Autoplayautoplay playback
  • Size of playersize width height integration embed code
  • Quality selectionquality

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