Custom ID for elements

In PRO you can refer to all element custom DOM ID and call them from CSS or Javascript. Just specify the Identifier value in the settings of your custom element.

ID will be formed as follows: playerID_control_myID

For example, you created an element and specified the value of identifier logo. If the player ID that you specify when creating the player in the code is player, then the ID of the element will be player_control_logo. Since the element consists of several layers, you can directly refer to the background player_control_logo_bg or text layer player_control_logo_text


You can add external effects to the graphics of the elements. For example, you can change the image of your element when you hover the cursor via CSS. This code example is for the player with myplayer id and an element with mybut id.

#myplayer_control_mybut:hover #myplayer_control_mybut_icon img{

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