ID3 tags

To read ID3 tags you need to enable the Metadata / ID3 Tags plugin and the player will try to read MP3 tags in the ID3v1 or ID3v2 format. MP4 metadata reading is also supported. The module uses the jsmediatags library, which loads the required amount of data in a separate request.

CORS headers must be configured on the server side from which the audio or video file is loaded.

Access-Control-Allow-Headers: If-Modified-Since, Range
Access-Control-Expose-Headers: Content-Length, Content-Range

If the player has successfully loaded the metadata, you can display the necessary information in the player in the standard element Title or in your custom text element.

In the settings, you can specify the template for the output and the element for this. You can also enable the display of the image (poster), if it is found in the tags.

This plugin is available in the extended PRO version of the builder.

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