Playlist generator on PHP

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How it works

Unzip the archive, there will be a file playlist.txt.php

This file must be uploaded to the folder on the server where the files for playback are located (they can be divided into folders). You need to run the script in the address bar and it will create a playlist in JSON format in the current folder as a file playlist.txt

You just need to specify a link to the created file playlist.txt in the player code with the file parameter.

The script creates a basic playlist with the title and file variables. If the script finds a jpg file with the same name as the file, the script will add a poster to the playlist.

The folder should contain only media files (exceptions can be added in the script to the $except array). Please consider cross-domain restrictions if the player and playlist are loaded from different domains. The script is very simple, you can change it at your own discretion.


Since version 3 you can sort files. By default, files are sorted alphabetically. You can reverse it by adding the reverse variable to the link.


You can sort by file date in descending order


You can sort by file date in ascending order


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