Please specify the URL to the picture with the parameter poster in the code to set the image as a preview poster before the start of playback.

var player = new Playerjs({id:"player", file:"//", poster:"//"});

You can specify several links via or like poster:"link or link"

You can also pass a few links via and to display a series of images poster:"link and link"

You can specify a separate link to the poster for fullscreen mode with the posterfull option from version 19. Аlso you can use the mp4 files for the poster. It should be a short video that will loop to play.

You can customize poster in the builder Settings / Poster

By default, the poster is stretched to the full size of the player.

With PRO you can set a Special size and position (free template with example) and enable video support (a short mp4 file can be displayed instead of a picture).

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