This is a service for adding any VAST/ VPAID ads to your player with a best price «pay as you go» without additional charges.

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How it works

You can create advertising campaign with any VAST / VPAID tag (supported all standards) and then turn it on in the builder. It will work on any domain if the ad network buys your traffic. You can enable a few links at once with the necessary logic of the waterfall.

You can also manage ads from the code.


If the ad is active, then the impression statistics will appear in the properties of the ad campaign. Advertising is meant as an Impression event of the VAST standard, which reliably fact that advertising creatives started displaying on the player (all ad networks count impressions in the same way). In the statistics display settings, you can set the desired date, as well as enable the filter by domain, if the ad is shown on several sites.

The buyout value displays the percentage of the number of ad impressions to the number of requests. Some requests do not lead to impressions due to ad blockers, they can be separated in analytics with option How to check for Adblock.

If you distribute the player to other sites in an iframe, we recommend you specify the domain of such a site in the player’s code with the parent_domain parameter so that it is taken into account in analytics.

var player = new PlayerJS({id:"player", file:"//", parent_domain:""});


The cost of the service is [price] for a free account and [price2] for PRO per 1000 impressions of advertising (CPM).

With the growth in traffic the fee is reduced:


The fee is charged daily. If the credit goes into negative, the service is automatically disabled in the afternoon.

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