End credits skip button

You can show your custom element some time before the end of playback. For example, an inscription that will help you skip the credits and start the next playlist file.

Video version of the guide on YouTube

  1. Create a custom element with the text you want.
  2. Enable the Hide / up to the specified second from the end option for the element and specify the value (20 for example).

Now this element should show 20 seconds before the end of playback. You can make it active if you enable an Action option and specify the api:next command to switch to the next file on click.

If you are using a playlist, enable the Hide / if last playlist file option. You can also specify {next} in the button label and the player will replace it with the name of the next file.

If the player uses a redirect, then you can add a special variable to the text, for example {text1} and pass the text1 parameter in the player code (read more about text variables). You can also enable the option Hide / if there is no parameter and specify the parameter after in this case.

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