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Tested in WP 4.7.3

Updated 18.11.2017 (v. 2.0)


Download plugin, upload it into the section Plugins in Wordpress and activate. In the folder wp-content/plugins/playerjs/ change file playerjs.js to yours. 

How to embed player on page

You can embed a player with a shortcode by specifying URL (video, audio, or playlist)

[playerjs file="url"]

By default, the player stretches over the entire width of the space. You can set your sizes in percentage (50%) or pixels (500).

[playerjs file="url" width="50%"]

If the option Aspect ratio is set to value container size, you need to set the height.

[playerjs file="url" width="50%" height="300"]

You can set alignment with the align parameter (values: left, right, center) and margin.

[playerjs file="url" width="50%" align="center" margin="20"]

Similarly, you can add a poster, subtitle and specify a title.

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