Combining multiple players into one

The combination of players allows you to store several configurations in one player. This is handy if you want to publish on one page several players with different designs or settings.

How it works

We have two different players and want to place them on one page. One of the players will be the primary, the second - an additional. In the editing mode of the main player you need to go into Plugins/ Combine the players and select the second player in the Player #2 menu.

Then in the code specify the player's number with the parameter player, so that it's turned on.

var player = new Playerjs({id:"player",file:"",player:2});

In PRO you can combine in this way up to 10 different players simultaneously.

Copy design

You can also copy the design of one player to another using this page.

How to switch between designs on the fly

You can change the design of the player via JavaScript.

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